Our Word Of God Church has a variety of small groups that you can be involved in. Choose one or two and start making a difference!

Creation and Evolution

Description: (7:30PM-8:30PM) What is the science behind Creation and evolution? Discussion will be based on a 100 page essay distributed electronically with other input from participants. We will study both the Bible and science. Hopefully we will find answers to our questions. Materials needed: PDF document provided 

Healthy Families: Video/Discussions

(10:30AM-11:30AM) Come and learn how to grow better relationships in your family and community. We show a video and then we discuss its application to our family and other relationships. We gain insight and strategies to love others more effectively as we learn life-hacks to managing our emotions, communication, and time with others more effectively.

What Does the Bible Teach About…

(10:30AM-11:30AM) Join us as we explore what the Bible teaches on foundational questions of life, such as, “Where did evil come from?” “How will it all end?” “How can I have genuine inner peace?” “What really happens when you die?” and more.

Friday Morning Prayer & Praise

(6:00AM-7:00AM) Corporate prayer and praise for various prayer requests.Participants will have an opportunity to present personal requests for prayer. Group members will pray for the request that arise in the group as well as a varying list of world issues. Breakout rooms will be provided to ensure each person has an opportunity to pray.When we pray God hears and answers! Time will be allotted specifically to share answers to prayers that has come as a result of this prayer initiative.…