About Us

About Us

Welcome to Our Word of God!

As one of many local churches, we know that selecting a church that is right for you can be hard. But you are welcome here! come visit and join us to woship our God and King.

You are welcome to ask the questions that don’t have easy answers. You are welcome to remain quiet and heal, welcome to rest with us, welcome to investigate what you believe, welcome to find friends who will love you well, welcome to invest yourself and your story into the fabric of who we are and what we will become, and welcome to ignite in passion for where God is leading you. Ultimately, we believe you were made for more, and it is our honor to help you discover all that means, specifically for you.

Our mission is simple: Follow the will of God as outlined in the Holy Scriptures. We admit that as man we are weak, struggling sinners who seek meaning in life. We believe the Bible has the answers and is a blueprint on how to live a happy life. Peace, joy, kindness, love, charity are all traits of our Father God and Lord Jesus. By trusting in his grace and obeying his word we can enjoy eternal life through Christ our Lord.

Our Word of God church was established by a small group of Bible speaker in July of 1977. What started as a handful of believers worshiping in a rented hall has grown into campus which over a thousand attending each week.

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